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The Resort with the Heart of a Rescue

There’s a secret animal welfare powerhouse in middle Tennessee. They’re committed, humble, hardworking… but they don’t have the word “rescue” anywhere in their name. It’s because they’re not a rescue at all. My Second Home Pet Resort, the state-of-the-art luxury pet hotel, has enthusiastically supported…


Emma Senior’s Dog Project Saves Lives

Emma’s Senior Dog Project Beyond Puppy Love A dog’s affection never fades, even as his face gets a bit grayer or she starts to move a little slower. Giving an older dog a loving home not only helps man’s best friend, but it also changes…


Pet Supplies Plus to Donate $10,000!

We here at Agape Animal Rescue are so pleased to announce the new support of Pet Supplies Plus in Hendersonville! This supermarket-style pet food and supply store is big enough to carry everything your pet might need, but small enough to still feel like home….