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Remington Steele Joins The Big Payback!

It’s true! Remington Steele has joined The Big Payback event to support Agape Animal Rescue! Well okay, we do not mean the mystery man who fought crime with the beautiful Laura Holt. We mean the handsome poodle that is now safe in our foster program….


The Resort with the Heart of a Rescue

There’s a secret animal welfare powerhouse in middle Tennessee. They’re committed, humble, hardworking… but they don’t have the word “rescue” anywhere in their name. It’s because they’re not a rescue at all. My Second Home Pet Resort, the state-of-the-art luxury pet hotel, has enthusiastically supported…


Emma Senior’s Dog Project Saves Lives

Emma’s Senior Dog Project Beyond Puppy Love A dog’s affection never fades, even as his face gets a bit grayer or she starts to move a little slower. Giving an older dog a loving home not only helps man’s best friend, but it also changes…