Who says 13 is an unlucky number?

For a Texas brood of 13 puppies and dogs, it is perhaps the luckiest! 
In February, Agape Animal Rescue answered an urgent call for help from our friends at the ASPCA of Polk County Texas. Since last year when Hurricane Harvey devastated so much of Texas, this shelter has been busting at the seams.
With hundreds of dogs in their care, the ASPCA of Polk County needed help beyond their community, and State border, and called Agape.

The Agape adoption and foster team swiftly got a crew of volunteers together to travel to Polk County, Texas to save these furry friends and bring them back safely into our network. Once in Nashville, volunteer foster families and potential adoptive families jumped into action and met the transport at My Second Home Pet Resort. We are thankful that the resort staff generously opened their doors in the wee hours of the night to provide a meeting place for everyone involved.

As you know, Agape Animal Rescue is thorough in its care and support of each dog rescued. It may come as no surprise to you that puppies, like newborn children, take extra time and attention. We are committed to doing everything we can for the famous Texas 13 along with the other 30+ dogs currently in our care.

The Texas 13 are in good hands, but we need your help!

We estimate the cost for each dog to be approximately $770 or a total of $10,000. The good news is The Barbara J. Mapp Foundation has already responded with a grant of $5,000 and a match challenge. We humbly ask that you join The Barbara J. Mapp Foundation and match their generosity with a gift to Agape. Let’s show these Texas 13 a warm and supportive welcome!

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