Walk Your Dog, Earn Money for Agape

Agape has joined furry forces with Wooftrax, the company behind the Walk for a Dog app.

Walk for a Dog is a smartphone application that supports your chosen local animal organization every time you walk your dog.

Earning money for Agape is now easier than ever. Simply download the app, choose to “Start Walking for Agape”, and get moving. The app will track how far you walk, adding it all up for Agape. The more the app is used and the more people walk for Agape, the more Agape receives in donations. Use it any time you bring your dog outside – from a walk around the block to a 10-mile hike.

Funded through sponsorship, advertising, and investors, Wooftrax sends donations approximately 3 times a year. The amount each shelter or rescue gets is directly correlated to how many miles logged for that organization. Past donations have ranged from 11 cents to 25 cents per mile depending on the number of people walking. Those numbers add up. So share the app with your friends and get walking!

If you don’t have an iPhone or Android smartphone, that’s ok! Find a friend with one and invite them to walk with you!

Wooftrax will send updated donation tracking by e-mail, but you can also stay current by liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter.

Download for iPhone

Download for Android