The Resort with the Heart of a Rescue

There’s a secret animal welfare powerhouse in middle Tennessee. They’re committed, humble, hardworking… but they don’t have the word “rescue” anywhere in their name.

It’s because they’re not a rescue at all. My Second Home Pet Resort, the state-of-the-art luxury pet hotel, has enthusiastically supported Agape Animal Rescue’s mission for several years. And this year, My Second Home will continue their generous tradition of donating funds to end pet homelessness. From April through December, they’ll be fundraising $10,000 while also serving as our official drop-off location for donations. To reach this goal, My Second Home offers generous discounts to new clients in exchange for a small donation to Agape.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, the boarding facility also sponsors our Agape Animal Ball event. They’re also the host location for Santa pics and car wash fundraisers. They even board our adoptable pets at no cost. “We enjoy working every day with dogs that have loving, caring homes, and our wish is that every dog can have the same kind of life,” says Dylan Phillips, Marketing Director. “Agape is tremendous in making that happen in our community, and we are always happy to support them in their efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of pets in need.”

As Agape’s steady, stealthy sponsor, My Second Home has ensured that thousands of homeless pets in greater Nashville find their forever homes.

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