Realtor with Real Heart: 3 Reasons You’ll Fall for Love Thy Neighbor Real Estate

Your home is the ultimate reflection of you, your style, and your taste. Shouldn’t your home buying experience reflect your values, too?

Well, look no further than Love Thy Neighborhood Real Estate, founded by realtor Kayla Eaton. Love Thy Neighbor is an anomaly in the world of realty because they give their commission away—25% of every closing is donated to a charitable organization.

We are enamored with Kayla’s commitment to the community and overjoyed that Love Thy Neighbor has chosen to partner with Agape this year. So, whether you’re looking for your first home sweet home or a new place to grow into, here are 3 important reasons you’ll love working with Kayla’s great company.

She loves non-profits

After a cancer scare in high school, Kayla felt there was a reason she’d come out unscathed. “I thought that their had to be a reason why I was so lucky, she says. “There had to be some greater purpose for me.”

She began volunteering… and didn’t stop. “That’s when it clicked: I loved spending time working with different organizations even if it was just stuffing envelopes because even though it may have seemed small, I felt like I was doing something to help,” she says. This passion led Kayla to major in Non-Profit Management so she could continue giving back.

She’s adaptable

Although she graduated college during the worst part of the economic recession and was unable to find a position in the non-profit sector, Kayla turned this into an learning experience. She started working with a real estate team as a transaction coordinator where she applied her altruistic lens to a new field. “I quickly learned that real estate agents are able to directly make a difference in peoples lives everyday,” she says. “I fell in head over heels for that aspect of the job and the ability to create personal connections with people I otherwise would have never known.”

But she never forgot her non-profit roots. “I decided I wanted to combine the two: I would use my platform as a local real estate agent to generate much needed funds for local organizations that contribute so much good to our city,” she says. Although her charitable model of business was met with skepticism, Kayla forged ahead, creating Love Thy Neighborhood to carry out her vision.

She loves rescue animals

With lifelong love of dogs, Kayla says she can’t imag
ine her life without having a pet. “No matter what is going on in my life, how upset, or happy I may be,” she says, “they are there and always some how know how to make me feel better.”

Her two pups, Lucy and Arizona, are both rescues that initially needed a lot of attention, TLC, and behavioral rehabilitation—although you wouldn’t know that now. Kayla’s experience with her own dogs led her to seek out a rescue group to work with that’s as dedicated to the pet community as she is. “When I see how Agape is helping to better the lives of countless dogs and cats on a daily basis,” she says, “there is not an ounce of me that wouldn’t want to partner with the organization that truly changes so many lives for the better.”

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