Pedigree Foundation Donates $10,000 to Agape


One of the many ways that we at Agape achieve our goal of rescuing homeless dogs and finding them their perfect forever homes, is through our Puppy Program. Not only do puppies face hazardous health conditions while living in shelters, but they also miss out on the crucial opportunity to learn how to live as part of a loving family. Puppies who are given the chance to live in a foster home get to grow and learn in a healthy, safe, and caring environment, which drastically improves their chances of adoption. With the help of our sponsors, local shelters and veterinarians, and partnered pet stores, our Puppy Program does just that! We strive to save the lives of pregnant pooches and their pups, to place them with perfectly-matched foster parents, and to find them their ideal forever homes.

None of this would be possible without the support of our fundraising partners The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, Best Friends Animal Society, The Enderle Family, My Second Home Pet Resort, and for the second year in a row, The PEDIGREE Foundation. The PEDIGREE Foundation has generously provided Agape’s Puppy Program with a $10,000 grant to aid in our mission to save lives and to raise happy, healthy, adoptable puppies! We are so grateful to them and all of our supporters and we can’t wait to see the difference that this generosity makes in the lives of homeless dogs!

Of course, this program is dependent on the incredible people who volunteer as foster parents. If you would like to learn more about becoming a foster for Agape’s Puppy Program, please visit

About the PEDIGREE® Foundation

Formed in 2008 by the makers of PEDIGREE® food for dogs, the PEDIGREE® Foundation is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping dogs in need find loving homes by supporting the good work of shelters and dog rescue organizations throughout the country. Through no fault of their own, more than four million dogs end up in shelters and rescue organizations every year, and nearly half of them never find a place to call home. For more information on how you can support the foundation visit