Operation Unbridled Spirit

On September 19, Animal Rescue Corps rescued 127 animals from a puppy mill in Monticello, Kentucky. This rescue was named Operation Unbridled Spirit. Of those 127 animals, Agape Animal Rescue stepped up to take in 28 dogs, and counting. Two of those rescued are pregnant, and two just recently gave birth. But all 28 are ready to join the Agape family.


Scotlund Haisley, President of Animal Rescue Corps, states, “We couldn’t do this scale of operation without the cooperation of our partners. It truly takes all of us working together to end suffering of this scale.” Watch video from this rescue here.


Dogs who come from puppy mills tend to have myriads of medical issues, and these dogs are no different. However, the 28 dogs at Agape are now being cared for in foster homes, so they are getting to experience love for the very first time. All of the dogs will need to be spayed or neutered, most will need full dentals, and the group has other medical needs ranging from luxating patellas to eye ulcers. Needless to say, all of these treatments are extraordinarily expensive for 28 dogs, so Agape Animal Rescue can use all the support it can get. Please consider donating to help the dogs in Agape’s care.


Founder and Executive Director of Agape, Tanya Willis, has seen her fair share of abuse cases, and has always been ready to help. Willis says, “Whether it’s a puppy mill or a dog fighting case, we always come prepared for the worst – medical issues, socialization, training, and various other needs these dogs might have. These dogs have lived in deplorable conditions throughout their lives, but thanks to our amazing foster parents, these dogs are finally going to enjoy a normal life and feel love for the first time. After we get their medical needs taken care of, they will be ready for their forever homes!”

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