Niles Gets the Surgery He Needs!

Niles may look like a normal 5 year-old dog, but looks can be deceiving. Shortly after being brought off of the streets and into foster care, Niles started bumping into things and misjudging distances. We knew immediately that something was not “right” with his vision. After visiting our general veterinarian Niles was referred to Veterinary Ophthalmology Services where he was diagnosed with Congenital Cataracts. This condition is typically seen in older dogs, but it appears to have affected sweet Niles since he was born.

Here at Agape Animal Rescue we believe that every dog deserves the chance to see, so we launched a campaign to help Niles regain his sight. Thanks to the many generous people who donated to the cause, we’ve raised over $4,000.00 to help Niles receive this life-altering procedure! Niles had surgery on February 3, 2014 and is recovering beautifully. He can now begin the healing process and we are confident that he will quickly learn to love his new vision! This is only the beginning of a new life for Niles. To keep up with his recovery and his bright future you can follow continued updates on our Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Niles and everyone at Agape Animal Rescue want to extend a humble thanks to everyone who offered their donations and their support. We also want to offer a special shout out to Jody Hudson and Chuck Sloan who donated at the Boxer Donor level and the many anonymous supporters at the Golden Retriever and Great Dane Donor levels. You’ve all offered Niles a second chance at life!