Meet Niles

Niles may look like a normal 5 year-old dog, but looks can be deceiving. Niles was left on the streets where he couldn’t see to survive. Luckily, he ended up being found by the perfect person who would connect him with his now loving and very patient foster family. Shortly after being brought in to foster care, Niles started bumping into things and misjudging distance. We knew immediately that something was not “right” with his vision. After visiting our general veterinarian Niles was referred to Veterinary Ophthalmology Services where he was diagnosed with Congenital Cataracts. This condition is typically seen in older dogs, but it appears to have affected sweet Niles since he was born.

After much evaluation it has been decided that Niles is a perfect candidate for the surgery that will completely repair his cataract condition. In fact, it is extremely necessary because without the surgery he will eventually develop glaucoma that is extremely painful and results in loss of the eyes. Please consider a donation today to give Niles the New Year he deserves!

We want to give special thanks to long time supporters Andrea and Mark Paslick and daughter Chelsea who stepped up to foster Niles and give him a second chance at life!

All donations are tax-deductible. We appreciate your support!