Mack Legacy Club



“Fifteen years ago, my forever friend Mack found me. Mack, a fluffy Golden Labrador puppy (and the runt of his litter) was abandoned in a ditch with his siblings on the side of a country road in Lebanon, TN,” explains Executive Director Tanya Willis.

That fateful day, Tanya rescued Mack and his five siblings and welcomed them to her home until all found forever families. This is where the real journey began. Tanya knew immediately that she and Mack were destined to walk through life together with the purpose of creating great change in our community. They were (and still are) determined to be a voice for our 4-legged friends who cannot speak for themselves. After working with various animal rescues in and around Nashville until 2004 and meeting another person with the same passion, it was decided that they would start our very own rescue organization—Agape Animal Rescue.

In June 2004 the Agape Animal Rescue team hit the ground running. The organizations mission is to find forever homes for abandoned and displaced dogs while educating the public to be more responsible pet owners. We are proud to have carried out this mission for more than 1,200 dogs and we are not stopping there.

In mid-July 2016 the Agape family had to say goodbye to Mack after he valiantly battled liver cancer and general old age. Today, we may not have Mack by our sides but his spirit remains present and strong.

In Honor of Mack’s work, we introduce you to the Mack Legacy Club. Please join Mack’s mission by making a donation in honor of a pet who changed your life, a friend or family member who loves you, or simply to honor Mack.

Mack, certified Pup Partners Therapy dog, Tanya’s loyal side-kick and spiritual inspiration, and Agape’s mascot, dedicated his life to leading others to safety and because of you his legacy will continue.

Thank you for supporting Agape Animal Rescue.