Mack is 15 and Fabulous!

Faithful, Admirable, Brave, Unbelievably gentle, Lovable, Obedient, Utterly amazing, and Stoic.

These are just a few of the words that come to mind when thinking about Mack. Mack, the helpless golden Labrador who was thrown in a ditch on a country road with his brothers and sisters like a bag of trash. Mack, the puppy who stole his mom’s heart and immediately changed her life. Mack, the teenager who matured into a much loved therapy dog serving many sick children and mentally challenged adults. Mack, the teacher who helped many foster dogs learn to trust and love humans again as they made their way to forever families. Mack, the wise old senior who continues to live a fabulous life while bringing joy to his family and everyone who meets him.

Mack turns 15 years old in February and he has requested that you celebrate this fabulous occasion by joining the Agape Animal Rescue mission, his mission, of saving displaced dogs with a $15 monthly gift. He continues to live the high life with his family because our Executive Director decided to pull over and bring him and his littermates home to safety. Through our award-winning program, we are committed to finding as many homeless dogs as possible a “Mack home” and your monthly contribution allows us to do exactly that.

Join the fifteen and fabulous party today!

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Photo by: Harmony Designs Photography