Love My Dog Day – Feb 14th 2015

You’ve got to admit, dogs know how to show serious love for their humans. Their love can be seen pretty much every moment of every day, from the happiness they show when you come home to the longing look of affection they give when you aren’t doing anything at all.

Show some love in return (as if you don’t already) by capturing your dog’s personality in a professional photo on Saturday, February 14th with Harmony Designs Photography and Agape Animal Rescue. Due to the events popularity, we have decided to grow Luv My Dog Day into a full blow Valentine’s celebration! You can expect to see a few of your favorite food trucks, See Spot Eat’s dog treat truck, a doggy kissing booth, and many other special vendors from the community.

April Hollingsworth, renowned Nashville photographer, is hosting the event and will donate all proceeds to Agape Animal Rescue. There is a $25 per-dog sitting fee. An additional $25 per person will be added on for humans wanting to be photographed with their dogs.*

Also, we have amazing news for the first 20 dogs that attend the fundraiser. Happy Retales will be matching your $25 donation! Happy Retales is dedicated to helping rescued dogs in the community and we are so excited that they have committed to this matching sponsorship valued at $500!

Be sure to arrive early, as the event is first-come, first-served and only runs until 3:00 p.m. that day.

Hollingsworth specializes in pet photography and has achieved amazing results in portraits of pets and family. You will come away with a rock-star-quality photo of your beloved pet you can keep forever. Display it on your mantle or keep it in your wallet. Who knows, it may be the beginning of your dog’s professional modeling career. Make it work!

Last year’s Luv My Dog Day event was a big hit, with over 40 dogs being photographed, and 2015 is already proving to be a winning year for Agape. Come support local dog rescue while showing some love to your favorite pooch this February. Showcase frame and floating canvas specials will be offered to everyone who attends. Bring your dog’s favorite toy, treat, article of clothing or anything else you think would help make your dog feel comfortable in front of the camera.

We want to give special thanks to Harmony Designs Photography for hosting this amazing fundraiser and to Happy Retales for sponsoring.

*Children under the age of two will need another adult in the photo with him/her.