LIttle Ideas Make a BIG Difference

Sometimes the littlest people make the biggest difference! The 6 year old niece of one of our volunteer Adoption Facilitators, who is also the loving big sister to one of our rescue dogs (Moxie), recently decided to take animal welfare into her own hands.

This sweet girl took all of the money from her piggy bank – money she’d been saving from good behavior and chores – and marched up to the store. She’d decided on her own that she wanted to purchase supplies for the rescue dogs at Agape!

Mom and dad were so proud that they matched her donation dollar for dollar. Now our rescue pups have yummy treats, some Nylabones, and a variety of toys thanks to this special little girl.

The entire staff at Agape Animal Rescue is so inspired by this young girl’s compassion, kindness, and giving spirit at such a young age. What a great start to the new year!