Jackalope’s Rainy Day Blues to Benefit Agape

No, we are not feeding our dogs beer.  However, for all the thirsty humans looking for a good winter seasonal beer, Jackalope’s Rainy Day Blues is the way to go.

Jackalope Brewery is giving 20% of the proceeds from sales of this beer in the Jackalope Taproom now through December.  In effort to help local animal rescue efforts, Jackalope has partnered with Agape Animal Rescue to help fulfill its mission of finding forever homes for dogs who have been displaced or abandoned.

“When we were bringing Rainy Day… Blues to the market, we knew we wanted to pair it with an animal rescue,” said Robyn Virball, part owner and founder of Jackalope Brewery.  “We had heard good things about Agape and thought they’d be a perfect fit.”

And a perfect fit it has been.  Last year’s partnership between Agape and Jackalope was a great success, and both organizations hope to increase sales of the specialty beer this year.

“We are so fortunate to get support from Nashville businesses like Jackalope,” said Tanya Willis, Executive Director for Agape.  “Coupled with donations from individuals, marketing initiatives like these are what keeps Agape up and running.”

The local brew was named for a black Labrador Retriever named Rainy who belonged to a good friend of the brewery.  Rainy was such a loyal and well-behaved dog that she inspired her owner to name a beer after her.   Today, Rainy Day Blues (the beer) is famed for its smoky flavor, black-and-tan appearance and subtle blueberry aroma that lingers on your pallet at the end of every sip.

So hurry down to the Jackalope Brewery Taproom, located at 701 8th Ave. South in Nashville, Tenn.  You may be able to drink beer all year long, and you may be able to donate to Agape all year long, but now is the only time you can do both at once!

By: India Stone