Give Mom Something Special

 May is reserved for the celebration of mothers and motherhood, with a specific Sunday reserved each year to celebrate the moms in our lives. This is a tradition that was formalized in the United States in the early 20th century and has occurred around the world for thousands of years.

Mark your calendar (if you haven’t already). Mother’s Day is May 13.

Agape wants to help you honor the “moms” in your life, while getting assistance from you to care for the ones at Agape.

As you may have read in our social media posts, we have been inundated with homeless pregnant pups and puppies this year! Already, some four rescued pregnant moms have graced us with 21 puppies while in our foster program.

This year, we ask that you make a gift to Agape of $20 or more before May 11, to support the rehabilitation, medical care, and behavioral training and preparation to prepare and permanently home these mothers and their puppies.

To acknowledge your generosity, we will share your good deed by sending the mom(s) in your life a Mother’s Day card about this gift made in their honor. What do you think?

So much good comes from your partnering with Agape Animal Rescue during this season of celebrating mothers:

  1. The Barbara J. Mapp Foundation has donated a gift that matches, $1 for $1 yours, doubling the impact!
  2. More than 200 dogs will be rescued with most finding a permanent home by the end of the year. You can take pride in knowing that you made this possible.
  3. The moms in your life will know that you have done a kind-hearted deed in honoring them and remembering their special day.

Will you make a gift today and help us save more dogs—particularly vulnerable, pregnant homeless moms and their puppies? Thank you for your consideration.


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