Affiliate Programs

Your Hunk-O-Junk Helps Homeless Pets

VFCGot a clunker, gas-guzzler, or rusted relic taking up valuable carport space?

Also, do you love puppies?

Then yank the tarp off of that lemon in your driveway and enjoy the taste of freedom… because it’s simple to donate your unwanted autos to help support Agape!

But it’s not just cars that you could be rid of: We’ll take motorcycles, campers, RV’s, boats—no matter what shape they’re in.

To start your journey to a tax-deductible vehicle donation, fill out the form located here: or call 1-866-628-CARS. We’ll need to know where the vehicle is located, a little about it’s condition, and that the title is in your name.

Next, we’ll arrange a free pickup of your vehicle whenever is convenient to you. You’ll just need to be present at the time of tow to give the driver the keys and signed title.

All that’s left is to hang on to your donation documentation until tax time and reap the rewards of your charitable giving. Meanwhile, your vehicle is getting a second life while helping homeless pets get a second chance.

Want to know more about how our Vehicles for Charity program works? Check out or Agape Rescue – Shop-to-Donate to learn more today.



Farmers Insurance Supports the Dogs

Everyone needs car and home insurance right? We have a surprise for you! Our friends at The Reisinger Agency -Farmers Insurance aim to beat your current insurance rate to save you money and they are willing to donate to the dogs just for the opportunity!

Now, through the end of the year, Farmers Insurance will be making a $10 donation to Agape for every person/household that requests and receives an auto or home insurance quote. All you need is a working phone number and email address to qualify. You are not required to purchase the policy and there are no fees associated with the insurance quote. You can easily compare rates and not only save money, but save lives of deserving dogs throughout Middle Tennessee! Get your free quote here today!