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Breed(s): Pug/Hound

Size: Medium

Age: 9 years

Gender: Male

Status: Please Adopt Me!

Adopt Me!


Look! It’s a pug! It’s a hound! Yes, it’s me, super Uno (well, just Uno)… and adopting me is a sure way to start 2019 with a super amazing companion by your side! By day, I’m a 10 year old, 44 pound boy that likes snuggling, gentle play sessions, and showing off my leash skills with walks around the neighborhood. By night, I still like snuggling, snacking on treats, and mastering basic commands like “stay” to make you super impressed with me.

See me fit right into your mellow lifestyle and nail my crate training every time! Watch me as I bring smiles and make instant friends with my sweet, fun-loving attitude! I am capable of incredible feats with my favorite sidekick (and brother), Denzel, by my side, and it would be super cool if you adopted us together since we’ve shared so many adventures – but as long as there is another dog in your home to keep me company, I’ll be a super happy (and super good) boy. Got dog-savvy cats and little kids? No problem! I’m super with them, too!

I’m faster than a speeding turtle! More potty trained than a locomotive! Able to topple small trash cans in a single bound (okay, I’m trying not to do this one so much…)!

If this sounds like a super good love match to you, you can be my hero today – call our Adoption Coordinator and ask about me, Uno!

Adoption fee: $200

Apply for Uno here

Contact Info:

[email protected]