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Breed(s): American Staffordshire Terrier

Size: Medium

Age: 1 year

Gender: Male

Status: Please Adopt Me!

Adopt Me!


Greetings, wildlings, kneelers, and otherwise! Tormund Giantsbane, here. I go by many names—“Horn-blower,” “Breaker of Ice,” “Speaker to Gods”—but no matter what you call me, this amazing 1-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier is up for adoption, and that’s no lie!

While my daring tales of adventure run far and wide, I’m not spinning yarns when I tell you that I’m the dog of your dreams. I don’t mean to boast, but I’m a smart boy who is house trained, crate trained, and has learned commands like sit and stay. I am very affectionate and love to play and snuggle with my humans. Kids are welcome in my forever home (just no other pups or kitties, please)—the more the merrier when it comes to keeping me from loneliness and helping me burn my energy!

For a beautiful, bouncy boy (who may be prone to bragging), fill out an adoption application for me, Tormund Giantsbane!

Adoption Fee: $200.00

Apply to adopt Tormund here!

Contact Info:

[email protected]