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Breed(s): Lab/Collie mix

Size: Large

Age: 5 years

Gender: Female

Status: Please Adopt Me!

Adopt Me!


Hello, my name is Kali! I am a 5 year old, 50 lb, Lab/Collie mix! The past 5 years of my life have been very up and down but I am resilient and look forward to the happiness that is yet to come. I think about what “happiness” really is for me and I picture a low-key dog mom or dad who loves to watch movies and eat popcorn. I have been called a, “very affectionate couch potato” and will take belly rubs over a plate of food any day! While kids are fun, I think my happy forever home will not include any of those or other pets. Gosh, all of this dreaming of a new family makes me nervous and excited at the same time. I will be shy with new people but my foster mom is something called a “dog trainer” and she is so great at showing other people how I can do all of my tricks and what I enjoy or dislike. I will meet you a few times because bonding is important to me and it takes me a while to trust new people. I know all of my basic commands and can even play fetch and play dead! I make people laugh every time with that last trick. I do take medication to help me with some of my anxiety and that works really well for me. Will you take a chance on me? I would be willing to take a chance on you!

Kali is a posted as a courtesy and is not being adopted through the Agape Animal Rescue program. For more information about her please contact Julie at [email protected] . 


Contact Info:

[email protected]