Dogs For Adoption

Bonnie & Clyde

Breed(s): Pug/Chihuahua

Size: Small

Age: 1 year

Gender: Female

Status: Please Adopt Me!

Adopt Me!


Hey, dollface! Bonnie and Clyde, here – our names make us kind of a big deal ‘round these parts, but we’re no hardened criminals! Throw us a bone! We’re a coupla 1 year old, 10 pound Pug/Brussels Griffon mixes that are as bonded as they get. Ya ever have peanut butter without jelly? Or salt without pepper? Of course not! That’s just the way we go together – like a wink and a smile!

And that’s why we need a very special home with room enough for the both of us (not that we need much – we can practically fit in your pocket). And with that very special home we need someone just as special. Someone who can give Bonnie the patience she needs while she is coming out of her adorable shell (the wait is worth it, trust us). Someone who can give Clyde the warm spot he wants on the couch (or your lap) because he is a world class snugglepug (and totally shameless about it). Someone who can provide an adults-only home with respectful cats and dogs who can share the toys, the treats, and all the love they have to offer – which is infinite amounts, multiplied by two.

Whether romping in the yard, tossing toys around, having a kissing marathon or demonstrating one of our 9+ commands (that’s no malarkey, it’s true), we are a dynamic duo cuter than a bug’s ear (or ears – there’s two of us). With our scandalous past, we’re total pros at crate training (we’re used to being behind bars), though we love playing outside with our favorite people more than anything. The don’t-potty-indoors thing is still a work in progress, but we’re nearly solid with it (treats and praise are aces with us). We can be “all bark” at first meeting (when you’re this little, it’s easy to get nervous) but with your gentle, easy approach it doesn’t take long to see that we’re also “no bite” (unless you’re made of hot dogs, that is).

If twice the antics, goofiness, cuddles and lovin’ sounds good to ya, shake a leg and ask our Adoption Coordinator about Bonnie and Clyde (that’s us)!

Adoption fee: $400

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Contact Info:

[email protected]