Agape Animal Rescue to Create a Pup Paradise

This year, Agape is striving to create a Pup Paradise for dogs in the Nashville area. This means we’ll be on a quest to raise $40,000 to help find the perfect forever home for every tail-wagging, face-licking dog we can. We can’t wait to get started. Neither can one of our dearest furry friends, Mack.

Mack was the first dog Agape rescued, the one that started it all. After all of the love and care he’s gotten because of Agape, Mack knows just how good it can be. No wonder he’s so excited to tell you about what Agape is up to this year.

Hi everyone. Mack here. Just enjoying life. I’m currently getting a head scratch as I type this. It’s the only way to type if you ask me.

I’ve been thinking about Agape’s upcoming Pup Paradise campaign. What would my Pup Paradise look like? Hey, thanks for asking! I would have tennis balls raining down from the sky. Bacon would grow on trees. And squirrels everywhere would slow down.

Ok maybe this won’t happen in real life, but Agape has been able to give me those same wonderful feelings with a warm bed and endless belly rubs. They’ve given me a real-life Pup Paradise. So let’s do the same for dogs all over Nashville. Let’s raise $40,000 to help pay for everything Agape does – from the little things like treats and toys to the bigger things like medicine and surgery. We can help cover it all.

This whole idea started because of our pals over at local ad agency, redpepper. They created the Pup Paradise campaign pro bono (pun intended). Huge shoutout (and barkout!) to them.

Agape has a lot of great things planned this year. Be on the lookout around town for cardboard cutouts of me. You’ll be able to take a picture with me and donate some money, and I might just send you a little gift. How will you know where to find me? Funny you should ask because…

Agape also gave me the keys to their Facebook page! I’ll be posting some useful ways to give your dog the perfect world they deserve and let you know about the happenings around town. You know me. I’ll probably goof around a little bit, too. No selfies. I promise. Oh, who am I kidding? No promises. So be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page when I take it over.

Agape truly believes that with your support, we can help every dog in the Nashville area feel like they’re living in a real Pup Paradise. Donate here. Share on Facebook. Tell everyone you know!

Pawfully Sincerely Yours,