Announcing: Mother’s Day Gift Match!

Just this year, Agape Animal Rescue has supported 4 amazing dog moms who were left behind as they were about to give birth. With the help of our dedicated foster team these strong moms gave life to 21 puppiesIn honor of all the mothers out there, both two and four-legged, we are announcing a very special matching gift opportunity to celebrate this Mother’s Day.

Donate to Agape’s puppy program through The Big Payback on May 2nd and your impact will be doubled by our friends at the Barbara J. Mapp Foundation!

BONUS: Donate at least $20 and we will send that special mother in your life a Mother’s Day card from the puppies! Simply enter the name and address in the “special instructions” field as you check out so that we know what lucky lady to send the card to.

What is the Big Payback?

The Big Payback is a multi-county day of giving where hundreds of nonprofits join forces for 24 hours of fundraising and community engagement. Mark you calendar for May 2nd so you too can be a part of this life changing day!

We all know that moms are usually planners. If you would like to tap into your inner super-mom-planner-self you can schedule your donation in advance! Just go to our Big Payback page at on April 25 or later and click “Donate”.

Why Give on May 2nd during the Big Payback event?

  1. Your impact will be doubled by our friends at The Barbara J. Mapp Foundation up to $2,500.  
  2. The special mom in your life will receive an adorable Mother’s Day card from the puppies!
  3. You will sleep better at night knowing that you helped save a puppies’ life!

At Agape, we are committed to making love stories happen. Please join us in our mission of saving abandoned and displaced dogs by making a donation today.  

Supporting Filip

Recently, a pregnant mom, Ash, joined the Agape family. Ash is a dachshund/beagle mix who formerly lived in deplorable conditions with other dogs who were also rescued. We quickly learned that Ash was pregnant. After a round of x-rays we could see she had four small babies in her belly. Due to poor health conditions at the time of rescue, her puppies did not develop property. Filip, pictured here, has struggled the most. This tiny pup was born with clubbed feet and needed to see the vet within the first days of his birth. He was given splints that rapidly improved all of his limb mobility, but the battle for his health is still ongoing.

At 7 weeks, Filip attended a photoshoot with his siblings, explored a few new places, and received his first round of puppy shots. Currently, Filip still looks minuscule compared to his normal-sized litter mates (think half the size of a Beanie Baby), and is still learning to drink water on his own. Not only will he need additional time, up to two months extra, with his mom before he is ready for adoption, but his hundreds of dollars in medical bills continue to grow.

It is because of generous supporters like YOU that we are able to care for both healthy and special needs puppies through our comprehensive foster and adoption program. Without Agape’s puppy program, Filip, all of his siblings, and his mama Ash might not have gotten a chance. Soon they will be life-changing additions to wonderful families.

Thank you for supporting Agape Animal Rescue’s puppy program during Middle Tennessee’s Big Payback day!

We are committed to making sure more puppies like Filip will live to find their forever families.

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