Agape Receives Hometown Hero Award from Darrell Waltrip Automotives

Agape Animal Rescue was recently the beneficiary of the Darrel Waltrip Automotive’s “Hometown Hero” award. Here is a statement from their program:

Darrell Waltrip Automotive’s Hometown Heroes program is always looking for those “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”.  That is just what we found with Agape Animal Rescue and the work they are doing to find forever homes for abandoned and displaced dogs.
Fourteen years ago Tanya Willis founded Agape Animal Rescue.  After being inspired by a litter of Golden Labrador puppies abandoned in a ditch, Tanya spent years volunteering and in 2004 decided to begin Agape with the knowledge she had gained as a volunteer.
In honor of the work of Tanya and the entire team at Agape Animal Rescue has done and continues to do they were recently named Darrell Waltrip Automotive Hometown Heroes.
Agape Animal Rescue is dedicated to finding forever homes for abandoned and displaced dogs while educating the public to be more responsible pet owners.   From the moment dogs enter their foster program, Agape is dedicated to making a positive difference in these dogs’ lives, emotionally, socially, physically, in order to aid in a smooth transition into their forever homes.  While in foster care they work to teach their foster dogs basic obedience skills, including proper leash manners and friendly house manners through their Foster Care Training Program. And they strive to match their dogs with the best family possible, working through as many applications as necessary to find a home that offers the dog the most fulfilling, enriched life.
In honor of their Hometown Hero award the Darrell Waltrip Automotive Group donated $500 towards Agape Animal Rescue’s efforts.
“We rely on the support of partners in our community like Darrell Waltrip who share our same passion for the animals so that we can continue to save lives,” said Tanya Willis. “This donation will help us save 5 dogs from our local shelter and we will make sure they all find amazing forever homes. We are humbled to accept this Hometown Hero award and appreciate that our successes have been recognized by the Waltrip team.”
Darrell Waltrip Automotive’s Hometown Heroes is a monthly event celebrating ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the Middle Tennessee area.  To learn more about the program visit