Agape Animal Rescue Joins The Safe Coalition

Agape Animal Rescue is the first local animal welfare agency to become a member of The Safe Coalition, a group dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of animals throughout the metropolitan area.

“The Safe Coalition works  together to defend Nashville’s pets and we are thrilled to be a part of this mission,” said Tanya Willis, Agape Animal Rescue’s Founder/Executive Director. “By collaborating with other rescue organizations to support Metro Animal Control, we will achieve a 90% or higher rate of lives saved in Davidson County by the end of 2018.”

As a practicing (501) (c) nonprofit organization in Davidson County, Agape Animal Rescue is an eligible member of The Safe Coalition. Together, members have accessibility to adhere and steer the committee’s rightful mission, provide and enhance fundraising, as well as apply to receive grants in the form of food, spay/neuter operations, and other essential needs for their individual rescue and foster programs.

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Article by: Songshine Media