Pam Garrett

Pam Garrett, Board of Directors President

As far back as she can remember Pam was fond of dogs. She grew up with dogs, horses, and other various farm animals in a rural town in southern Indiana. But her love for them grew when a little Maltipoo named Snowflake came into her life. After moving from apartment life to a subdivision, Pam and Snowflake met Penelope, also a Maltipoo. Penelope was just a puppy when Pam noticed that neighbors were not caring for her as they should. Penelope was developing skin issues. After a short time, Pam could not just stand by and let Penelope suffer.

It was then that Penelope became Pam’s and Snowflake’s first “rescue.” Always at her side, they offer her unconditional love and devotion. It was also at this time when Pam decided to help other dogs. Through a friend, Pam learned of Agape Animal Rescue and the great things they were doing to save dogs. Fortunately, she was not only able to help Agape as a foster mom and volunteer, she became their Treasurer. Today, Pam’s life continues to be filled with seven adopted dogs, each one teaching her different life lessons.