Lara Flatau

Lara Flatau, Attorney

Lara Flatau grew up in a bustling and busy family. From early on, Lara wanted to add a dog to the family, but what with travel and everyone’s hectic schedules, the time just never seemed right. However, when Lara began attending college at Vanderbilt University, she accepted an opportunity to volunteer with the Nashville Humane Society. Her work there solidified her love for animals and really drove her desire to add a dog to the family. After graduation, she moved back home to Houston, Texas and welcomed her first dog, a Beagle named Bailey, into the family. Dogs have been a part of her life ever since.

Though she works as a lawyer, Lara has always kept an eye out for opportunities to help animals. When a coworker described Agape Animal Rescue and their mission, she was immediately interested in reaching out to offer her own expertise. When asked why Agape stood out to her, she said they are “a great organization that really takes the time to find great forever homes for dogs. I can’t think of an organization that I’d want to help more”. As a lawyer, she looks forward to helping Agape expand in the hopes of reaching even more dogs that are in need of help. “This opportunity for growth and ability to be a part of a positive change is really exciting.”

Lara currently works at the law firm of Bass, Berry & Sims, which fully supports her work with Agape. She and her husband are enjoying life in Nashville. They have a five-year-old German Short-haired Pointer named Riley who is a happy member of the family.