Kristine Kunta

Kristine’s passion for helping animals started at a very early age. In 33 years, she has owned and/or fostered an array of dogs from Doberman Pinschers to Shih-tzus.  There isn’t a dog out there that she doesn’t fall in love with.

Kristine also has a passion for event planning. From early on she loved planning everything from daily activities to parties for her friends. Within her circle of friends, Kristine is known as the go-to party planner. Creativity is something she has an abundance of. She loves DIY projects and constantly watches HGTV shows and scours Pinterest for ideas she can elaborate on.

In her day-to-day career, she works as the Executive Assistant and Office Administrator for a Healthcare Technology firm. She plans corporate events on a large scale and aims to improve the morale of employees by bringing fun and work together!

Kristine started volunteering with Agape when she first moved to Nashville in July 2014. Her main focus has been managing and overseeing Agape’s silent auctions for varies events. After managing the silent auction at Glitter & Glam and Agape Animal Ball for the past two years, Kristine is stepping in to the very important role of Chair of Agape Animal Ball!