Dakota Heflin

Dakota has been surrounded by large breed dogs since the day she was brought home from the hospital. Literally, her family has a photograph of her newborn self in a bassinet with two Rottweiler heads peaking in. Throughout childhood Dakota was best buddies with 4 Rotties, 3 Pit Bulls, and a couple of rescue mutts—extremely familiar with the “bully breeds”. Dakota trained all the family pets herself except for one, Spirit (Yes, named after the Dreamworks’ Stallion of the Cimarron!) a Rottweiler who was responsive to clicker training, and always remained dedicated to animal welfare by volunteering at local shelters.
In high school, Dakota took interest in veterinary medicine and completed an internship at a local animal clinic in her hometown of Sarasota, Florida. Although her love and passion for animals will never fade, the medical field was a little too much to handle emotionally. Dakota went onto study her other passions Music Business and Journalism at Middle Tennessee State University and now owns her own independent publicity firm, Songshine Media. Based in Nashville, she primarily represents entertainment clients but donates her heart and expertise to the sweet wet noses of Agape Animal Rescue.
Dakota’s pride and joy is her sweet German Shepherd/Lab mix, Xena (AKA “Z, ZZ Top, Ziggy Z, etc.). They’ve been together since Xena was eight weeks old while Dakota was a junior in college and have been through a lot of life’s milestone moments together. It’s clear that love has four paws.