Cait Druyor

Cait Druyor, Intake Coordinator

Cait has always been passionate in her love of animals as well as her desire to understand and work with them. She grew up surrounded by pets, but her interest in dog training was ignited in high school by a blind teacher who relied upon a Seeing Eye dog. She soon began volunteering with The Seeing Eye, raising and training two puppies from 8-weeks old to a year and a half before sending them back to join the program to become official guide dogs.

At Franklin & Marshall College, Cait studied learning theory and animal cognition, earning a degree in Animal Behavior. For four years, she was the student manager of a research team and employed positive reinforcement and clicker training to teach capuchin monkeys to use touchscreen computers. The skills and principles she learned at F&M transferred seamlessly into Cait’s career as a professional dog trainer.

Cait got her dog training certification through Animal Behavior College. She is also a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. She firmly believes that all dogs should be treated with respect and dignity and that each one deserves a good, loving home. She is thrilled to be a part of Agape, where she can use her skills and knowledge of dog training and behavior to help the ones in need find their forever homes.