Aileen McCormick

Aileen McCormick, Board of Directors

Growing up with dogs at home and a barn full of all kinds of critters, Aileen’s love for animals started at a very young age. She got a bathtub full of baby ducks one Easter. She was riding horses by age 8. And in high school, her dad welcomed two Golden Retrievers into the family. She trained the Goldens to do all kinds of things—jump off the diving board into the pool, play “dead” after pointing a finger and saying “bang bang”, and even to rescue her in potential drowning situations.

Her connection to loving and teaching animals has only gotten stronger in her adult life. Between raising money for local shelters at her annual cocktail party and adopting several dogs and cats over the years, helping animals has always been an important part of her life. Her current furry friends—cats Henry and Baby Kitty—are just two of the five rescue cats she’s had. Aileen doesn’t have any dogs of her own right now, but she can’t hide her love of pups so she’s decided to help as many as possible with Agape.

Moving to Nashville in 2005 with a CPA and MBA, Aileen helped start the BrickTop’s restaurant and currently serves as their CFO. Financial in title and responsibilities, Aileen still finds other ways to help build the business, even getting involved in menu design sometimes.

Now a part of the Agape family, Aileen is dedicated to making even more of a difference with her countless talents, relentless passion, and love for all living things.