Stephanie Willis

Stephanie Willis

Stephanie Willis, Community Relations Manager

Stephanie was the child who would cry for hours if her parents accidentally drove through a pothole of bathing butterflies, the girl whose heart ached for stepped-on anthills and jarred fireflies, the nature lover who would rather play in her yard with the neighborhood dogs than go to Showbiz Pizza. Growing up in the rural Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, Stephanie was surrounded by wildlife, plenty of time for creativity, and dogs for days.

In her early twenties, Stephanie met her first child, Chihuahua, Presley, just before moving to Nashville, Tennessee. Stephanie had landed a great opportunity in the country music industry and after a few short years of development, her lifetime dream of making music professionally was finally coming true. In an ironic twist of fate, she realized that she needed something more.

To the shock of her friends, family and fans, Stephanie walked away from her full-time music career and went back to school to finish her Public Relations degree. It was her first ethics class that made her aware of puppy mills. With unfamiliar time on her hands and a strong need to make a difference, she began volunteering for various animal shelters, walking dogs and assisting their creative departments. After hearing about Agape Animal Rescue, Stephanie reached out and hasn’t looked back.

Stephanie began making adoption and promotional videos for Agape that proved to be very successful. With an infectious energy and an unlimited supply of ideas, she quickly became an important contributor to Agape’s creative team.

Recently appointed Agape’s first Director of Public Relations, Willis notes “Being a part of Agape Animal Rescue is as natural as breathing to me.”

Stephanie is a Belmont University student and co-owner of production company, Willisoundz, with her husband, award-winning studio guitarist, John Willis. Stephanie and John have three Chihuahuas, Presley, Rock and Jazz. “Though my dogs are spoiled beyond belief, they do more for me than I could ever do for them. Agape makes this kind of love possible for dogs and humans all across Middle Tennessee,” says Willis.