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AgapeThe Wonderful World of Fostering

Thank you for considering becoming a foster parent/family. You can help us save an animal's life! Agape continues to need quality foster homes for our rescue dogs. We have a network of foster homes, where dedicated foster parents care for and nurture our foster dogs until they can be placed in their forever homes. We are looking for people who can care for our dogs as if they are a personal pet. With so many animals coming through our program, we can always match the right animal to your foster family/home.

First, we'd like to share a few things about fostering:

  • It is hard … Don't let anyone tell you it is easy to give up an animal that you have taken care of for a length of time and come to love.

  • But it is rewarding … To see an animal that had no hope go from being bewildered and unsure to a loving pet in an adoptive family's home is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

Expectations: Some of the things we ask of you as a foster parent:

  • Monitor your pet: Because your foster dog's behavior is so critical to a successful adoption, we need you to monitor his behavior and advise us of what training he is lacking (i.e., housebreaking, leash walking, excessive barking, fear, etc.)

  • Work with your pet: Whether through attending our periodic group training classes or on your own, we need your help working on whatever behavior issues your foster dog has so he can become a more adoptable companion animal.

If you have a caring heart and a loving home for a rescue animal, you can help us save a life. Make a difference as a foster parent to a dog in need! You supply the love … we supply everything else!

Apply to be a foster parent now!

Have questions? Call us at 615-406-7799 or email